Emotions behind the album

Justin Beibers new album has a lot of deep and thoughtful songs. Interviewers have been asking him as of recently, "Is there a story behind the album?". Even though he hasn't released any specific details, he has said that some of his inspiration has his last ex, Selena Gomez. Selena has affected him as an artist and as a person. Justin beiber has admitted to this in his last interview with TMZ. Beccause of his recent past 2 years, he has had mnay court dates and visits to the probation office. He feels that it is time to move on and really become an adult. He talks about how he wants to change and become a man in the next couple of years. He admits this at the end of "The Roast of Justin Beiber" which was spurred and brought on by Comedy Central.

Justin Beibers album release on Thursday was a very emotional thing for him. On friday at his concert, He even cried and thanked all of his fans for hanging in there with him. He says"You guys just got me crying. Damn. I missed this and u. Thank u so much. Thank you.". This was posted on Twitter after the preformance. His fans might agree with me when I say, It looks like Justin Beiber is starting to grow up into a wonderful artist of this era.

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