The Air Force

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Your Pay

Airman Basic $17,892
Airman $20,056
Airman First class $21,089-$23,774
Senior Airman $23,360-$28,357
Staff Sergeant $25,481-$36,155
Technical Sergeant $27,814-$43,078
Master Sergant $32,155-$57,791
Senior Master Sergeant $46,256-$65,974
Cheif Master Sergeant $56,506-$87,732

What does the Airforce specialize in?

Aerospace Superiority: The ability to control what moves through air and space ensures freedom of action.

Information Superiority: The ability to control and exploit information to our nation's advantage ensures decision dominance.

Global Attack: The ability to engage adversary targets anywhere, anytime, holds any adversary at risk.

Precision Engagement: The ability to deliver desired effects with minimal risk and collateral damage, denies the enemy sanctuary.

Rapid Global Mobility: The ability to rapidly position forces anywhere in the world, ensures unprecedented responsiveness.

Agile Combat Support: The ability to sustain flexible and efficient combat operations is the foundation of success.

The Bottom Line: The Air Force is focused on flying. There are also plenty of other opportunities on land though. If you like flying and/or working with flight systems & technology, the Air Force may be for you.

If you want to push yourself to the limits then you need to talking with a recruiter.